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Talk about a wild ride! A Florida Man takes police on a crazy multi-county chase! Plus the vehicle he was finally caught in isn’t what you would expect!

Follow along with us. This chase began when the Florida Man, Brandon Baker, carjacked a Nissan Maxima in Tampa. He drives it to the house of a known acquaintance and forces that person into the stolen vehicle. The victim manages to eventually escape and Baker abandons the stolen Nissan. Not long after, Tampa Police receive a call about another carjacking. This time it’s a stolen Isuzu box truck and the victim saw Baker in the driver seat.

Baker takes the stolen truck north on I-75. Thankfully this truck was equipped with a GPS tracker. FHP and Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies catch up to the Florida Man in Alachua County where he drives northbound in the southbound lanes of I-75. Baker eventually gets to Gainesville where he drives through red-light intersections, parking lots, and in the wrong direction on the main road. Law enforcement finally use the PIT maneuver on the box truck but Baker jumps out and tries to run away and gets in the way of a police cruiser. That’s where the chase ends with the police K9 taking Baker into custody. This chase went on for 130 miles! Check out the wild footage of Baker’s capture:

Baker now faces charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle, five counts of aggravated battery on an LEO, and three counts of leaving the scene of a hit-and-run involving property damage with possibly more on the way. Here’s the extended video of the chase:

[SOURCE Fox 13/Click Orlando/Tampa Free Press]

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