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At one part of his show, Tim McGraw got a little wobbly and fell off the stage at his Arizona concert. The best part is what Tim did after falling into the photo pit.

Tim was performing at Boots in the Park on Saturday when this incident occurred. In the video captured by TikTok user whodis88, you can see Tim kneeling down. When he tries to get up, he loses his balance, briefly recovers, and then falls into the photo pit. Luckily, the security guards caught Tim before he hit the barricade. What’s cool is that after he falls, Tim McGraw regains his composure and starts greeting the fans that are on the other side of the barricade. Not just one or two fans, we’re talking shaking hands with dozens of concert-goers! Here’s the proof:


Helluva concert good ol @timmcgraw put on last nt. Glad he was ok and was up meeting the crowd. #timmcgraw #dadsoftiktok #navajonation #navajotiktok #bootsinthepark #tempeaz #arizona #countrymusic #foryou #xyz123

♬ I Like It, I Love It - Tim McGraw


[SOURCE NY Post/whodis88]

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