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Hurricane Ian is bearing down on Tampa Bay. With powerful storms, there’s bound to be power outages. If you’re power goes out, here are some resources that can help you.

Power Company Phone Numbers:

  • Duke Energy: Automated outage reporting system: 1-800-228-8485 or text OUT to 57801
  • TECO: (813) 223-0800 or report online here
  • Florida Power & Light: 1-800-468-8243 or report online here
  • Lakeland Electric: 863-834-4248 or text OUT to 21592
  • WREC: Report online here and find your area’s WREC phone number

Now if you want to see what area’s are dealing with power outages, here are links to outage maps:

Along with power outages, comes downed power lines. So, what do you do if you see a downed line? Here are some guidelines:

  • NEVER touch a downed line.
  • Operate under the assumption that all wires are power lines and that they are energized.
  • Assume assume that a downed power line is energized, and move away from it to safety.
  • NEVER try to touch a downed line with your hand or any objects such as a stick or pole.
  • Do not touch anything or anyone who is in contact with a fallen power line.
  • Do not drive over a downed power line.
  • Keep children and pets away from downed electric lines.
  • Just because a downed wire isn’t sparking, snapping or buzzing, doesn’t mean it’s safe.
  • Standing water can hide energized power lines or other hazards, or even put you at risk of drowning.
  • Call 911 immediately to report a fallen power line. Let the professionals take care of the situation.

The bottom line is be safe. Hurricane Ian is going to do what it does. If a power outage happens, now you know what to do. [SOURCE ABC Action News]

Tampa Bay Evacuations Due To Hurricane Ian

In preparation for Hurricane Ian, county officials are announcing some Tampa Bay evacuations. Hillsborough County has already issued a mandatory evacuation for zone A. 

We will be updating this post as we receive more news. Below are the following counties with zones under mandatory evacuations and information to find your evacuation zone if you are unsure.

  • Hillsborough County

    Update: 9:30a 9/29


    UPDATE: A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for Zone B.


    Hillsborough County Administrator Bonnie Wise has issued a mandatory evacuation for Zone A in Hillsborough County. Wise made the announcement during a press conference at 10 a.m. Monday. Wise also stated a voluntary evacuation was recommended for Zone B.

    “We did not make this decision easily, but the storm poses a serious threat,” Wise said.

    According to News Channel 8, there will be police presence to help protect people’s homes and belongings.



  • Pinellas County

    UPDATE: 9a 9/29

    Mandatory evacuation orders for Pinellas County lifted for all evacuation zones, mobile home communities and residential health care facilities effective 9 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 29. Residents who evacuated due to the hurricane threat may return home using caution.


    Mandatory evacuation orders have been called for zones A, B, & C for Pinellas County, including all residents in mobile homes.

    County officials said residents and visitors who are planning to leave the county should do so immediately due to anticipated heavy traffic. Tolls costs have been suspended

  • Manatee County

    UPDATE: 9:20a 9/29

    Manatee County announced that is rescinding evacuation orders and closing shelters.


    According to Fox 13 News, Manatee County emergency officials have issued mandatory evacuations for residents in Zone A, and are recommending evacuations for those in Zone B.

  • Hernando County

    County officials have stated a mandatory evacuation, effective Tuesday at 9 a.m., calls for all residents in Hernando County in low-lying areas and manufactured homes, and anybody West of US-19.


  • Pasco County

    A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for residents in Zone A, B & C along with those who live in a manufactured home, mobile home, or RV anywhere in Pasco County.

  • How to Find Your Evacuation Zone

    Hillsborough County:

    Residents who are unsure of their evacuation zone can go to the Hillsborough County Office of Emergency Management‘s Hurricane Evacuation Assessment Tool. Or click here for a printable pdf map of evacuation zones.

    Pinellas County:

    Pinellas County residents who are unsure of their evacuation zones can click here. Pinellas County’s Hurricane Preparedness page also includes other important information like storm surge risk, flood zones and other vital information.

    Residents in mobile or manufactured homes must evacuate, even if they are not in an evacuation zone.

    Pasco County:

    Pasco County residents can view an interactive evacuation zone map here.

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