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A Florida Woman is suing McDonald’s for big bucks after drinking chemicals in a coffee cup. Sherry Head was in the drive-thru of an Alabama McDonald’s and ordered a cup of coffee. The Florida Woman overheard through the speaker an employee say that coffee wasn’t available because the machine was being cleaned. She then heard another employee say “no, it’s ready to go.

Head got the cup of coffee and that’s where things took a bad turn. “I took a sip, and immediately my mouth and throat went numb, then started burning,” Head said. She went back to the drive-thru window to ask for help but manager at the window said, “It’s fine.” and slammed the window shut. Head called for medical help and when the first responders showed up, the McDonald’s employees refused to show them the bottle of chemicals that had been used to clean the coffee machine.

According to doctors, Head has been diagnosed with scarring and narrowing of her throat, difficulty swallowing, chronic gastritis, acid reflux, and abdominal pain caused by inflammation and erosion of the stomach. “Now I have permanent scarring in my throat and may need corrective surgery,” said Head.

The Florida Woman and her attorney’s filed paperwork to sue McDonald’s. They are looking to get $3 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages. [SOURCE News Channel 8]

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