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It started with an observant police detective and ended with a Florida Woman busted for selling fake disabled parking permits.

An eagle-eyed detective with the Miami Beach Police Department saw a driver exiting a vehicle parked in spot reserved for the handicapped. The car had the handicapped parking placard displayed but the detective felt that there was something wrong. He questioned the driver who admitted that a co-worker told him about a woman who was selling handicapped parking permit applications for $150.

The Miami Beach Police started an investigation and conducted two undercover purchases from the woman. Both times the Florida Woman, Nicole Cardona, requested a copy of the buyer’s driver’s license and a $200 payment. The completed applications had the same handwriting style throughout the entire application, and included the printed name, medical license number and signatures of two different local doctors who denied signing those documents.

The Police had enough evidence and arrested the Florida Woman for selling the fake disabled parking permits.  Here’s the pic of Cardona getting arrested by the Miami Beach PD:

Cardona now faces charges of organized scheme to defraud, criminal use of a public record or public records information and forgery, plus a misdemeanor charge of making false official statements. [SOURCE Tampa Free Press/Local 10]

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