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Why was this Florida high school student clocked at going almost 100MPH? Let’s find out!

On Apopka Vineland Road, near Olympic High School, the speed limit is 45 MPH. The Orange County Sheriff’s deputy, who was on the lookout for speeders, saw his radar showing a vehicle approaching a high velocity. The car was going 96MPH in the 45MPH zone!

A cautionary tale about a traffic stop that highlights what our Motors team does every day to keep people safe on the...

Posted by Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Thursday, September 15, 2022

The deputy pulls over the vehicle and finds out that the driver is a Florida high school student. Why was he driving so fast? The student said he didn’t want to be late for school. Now the student has to deal with a speeding ticket for $354 and a mandatory court appearance! Let’s hope he doesn’t tell the judge that his dog ate the speeding ticket. [SOURCE Fox 35]