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The Savannah Bananas Are Coming To Tampa

Get ready to see the baseball diamond dazzle! The Savannah Bananas are coming to Tampa. Part baseball, part three-ring circus, the stated goal of the Savannah Bananas is to make baseball fun. This team has been living up to that mission-statement since 2016. What you get with the Bananas is a different set of rules for the game. They call it "Banana Ball." Every inning counts A two hour time limit No stepping out of the batter's box No bunting Batters can steal first No walks allowed 1-on-1 showdown tiebreaker No mound visits allowed If a fan catches a foul ball, it's an out [embed][/embed] That's not all. The Banana's players perform choreographed dances at games. Player walk ups are legendary and their scoring celebrations are epic. The brainchild of the Savannah Bananas is owner Jesse Cole. He is re-writing the way fans experience America's past-time. Banana's home games are sellouts, they sells merchandise all across the country, and ESPN+ produced a miniseries about them. It seems that Jesse is on to something. [embed][/embed] Now the greatest show in sports is taking it on the road. The Savannah Bananas 2023 World Tour has them in 33 cities and 22 states. They have a stop scheduled for April 29th at George M. Steinbrenner Field. The question is: Tampa Bay, are you ready for Savannah Bananas baseball? [SOURCE That's So Tampa] [select-gallery gallery_id="323379" syndication_name="tampa-bay-rays-walk-up-songs" description="yes"]

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