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Living in Tampa Bay, we know how bad traffic is. Another study has come out and shows that Florida has three of the worst traffic spots in the US.

According to the study done by INRIX, they found that the average American driver lost 36 hours due to congestion. The number crunchers at INRIX gathered plenty of data from different sources and came up with the most congested roads in the US:

  1. Los Angeles, CA: I-5 South, 89 hours lost
  2. New York, NY: I-27 West, 77 hours lost
  3. Orlando, FL: I-4 West, 74 hours lost
  4. Bridgeport, CT: I-95 North, 72 hours lost
  5. Dublin, CA: I-580 East, 62 hours lost
  6. Stamford, CT: I-95 North, 61 hours lost
  7. Orlando, FL: US-17 South, 59 hours lost
  8. Miami, FL: I-95 North, 57 hours lost
  9. New York, NY: I-95 South, 55 hours lost
  10. Los Angeles, CA: I-10 East, 55 hours lost

The Sunshine State took three of the top 10 and Orlando has two of them. The part of I-4 was between Beachline Expressway to Florida State Road 429. The congested spot of US-17 in Orlando is from U.S.-192 to The Oaks Boulevard. Miami’s congested area on I-95 is from I-195 to 51st Street.

Tampa Bay residents might believe that we have the worst traffic in Florida, but according to this study, it’s worse elsewhere in the state. [SOURCE News Channel 8]

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