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The fury of Hurricane Ian brought more than water ashore in Southwest Florida. The question of the hour is: “Was a shark swimming through a flooded Florida neighborhood?”

No, it’s not a deleted scene from the Sharknado movies. Dominic Cameratta captured what looked like a four-foot shark swimming through his Ft. Myers neighborhood. “I didn’t know what it was, it just looked like a fish or something,” said Cameratta. “I zoomed in, and all my friends are like: ‘It’s like a shark, man!’

Cameratta believes that the shark made its way up from nearby Hendry Creek into a retention pond, which then overflowed, spilling the creature into his neighborhood. Here’s the video of the shark swimming through this Florida neighborhood for all the non-believers:

Some people think the video is fake but AP did a digital deep dive into the metadata and proved that it was made on Wednesday morning. No word on if the shark was spotted anywhere else. [SOURCE The Guardian]

Live Looks And Aftermath Of Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian passed through south Florida Wednesday. Tampa Bay wakes up feeling very lucky with the way this storm shifted after seeing the devastating wreckage of south Florida.

If you are able, please consider donating to the Red Cross Hurricane Ian relief efforts. Click here for more information.