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Talk about going above and beyond! A Publix employee saves the day for a three year-old girl’s birthday after Hurricane Ian.

After Hurricane Ian passed, Caroline Rollins went to a Ft. Myers Publix hoping that luck would be on her side. Caroline’s daughter, Anna, was turning three in a few days and she was looking for a birthday cake. With all that happened with the storm, Caroline knew that it would “take a miracle” to get Anna a cake. Never the less, she went to the bakery counter where she was told by one of the workers that they hadn’t received any supplies. Caroline understood that there was no chance Anna would get the birthday cake so she thanked the worker and continued shopping.

A few moments later, Caroline feels a tap on her shoulder. It was one of the workers in the bakery, Natasha. She tells Caroline that in she found enough supplies to make Anna’s birthday cake! You see, according to Natasha, in her culture, “it isn’t a birthday without cake!” When Caroline and Anna came back to pick up the cake, you can see the pure joy on the birthday girl’s face. Props to Natasha and the Publix crew for going above and beyond in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. This will be a birthday that little Anna will never forget.

Let me tell you about Natasha. Natasha works at the bakery at the Publix Skywalk location. On Friday (2 days after the...

Posted by Caroline Keefe Rollins on Sunday, October 2, 2022


[SOURCE News Channel 8]

Tampa Bay Businesses Donating Proceeds To Hurricane Ian Reflief

Multiple Tampa Bay businesses are donating proceeds to Hurricane Ian relief efforts. Many residents of Tampa Bay woke up feeling extremely grateful that the worst of Hurricane Ian missed them. But unfortunately the same cannot be said to our friends south of us. Every day we are discovering more catastrophic damage and casualties to the southwest coast. With the help of Creative Loafing, we made a list of local businesses that are using a portion of their sales to help others.

We know if the storm had kept moving in its original track, our neighboring communities would do the same. If you are unable to volunteer or donate to any Hurricane Ian relief efforts, consider visiting any of these Tampa Bay businesses and making a purchase that will ultimately help others. Here are the businesses that we know of (so far) that are donating all of or a portion of their weekend proceeds.

If you are able, please consider donating to the Red Cross Hurricane Ian relief efforts. Click here for more information.