Nights With Geno

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Latest Episode: Surprising Opening Acts At Coachman Park In Clearwater
Summer kickoff concerts at Coachman Park in Clearwater are a QYK tradition. It used to be known as "Fun 'N Sun" but now it's the Bay 2 Beach Music and Arts Festival. But it's same great country event QYK listeners have enjoyed for years. While some of the biggest names in country like Jason Aldean…

The Marc & Veronica Podcast

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Latest Episode: Is It Okay To Not Wear Your Wedding Ring?
Marc and Kevin are both married men. Neither of them are currently wearing their wedding ring. They both have different, yet very innocent, reasons for why they don't. While Veronica is currently unmarried, she always wore hers when she was married. She believes it's a sign of commitment. Is it okay to not wear one?