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It seems like that every time you turn on the news, there’s a report of another shark attack. Now there’s a website that shows where you are most likely to experience a shark attack.

The Florida Museum in Gainesville has developed an interactive website and see where these predators have left their bite marks. You can get very granular information about shark attacks that have occurred between 1900 and 2021. According to this database, the U.S. has the most unprovoked shark attacks in the world with 1,563. Out of that number, Florida accounts for 896 of them…that’s over 57% of all attacks in the U.S.! Australia comes in second with 682. Most shark attacks are committed by only three of the species: Great White, Tiger shark, and the Bull shark. You can even see what activities increase the likely hood of getting attacked. In case you were wondering, it’s surfing.

Thankfully, the likelihood of being attacked by one of these ocean predators is very rare.

You can really go down the rabbit hole with all the information this website provides. Are you ready for the deep dive? Then check it out here.


10 Shark Week Must Haves That Are Simply Fin-Tastic

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The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is a phenomenon that has enticed thousands and thousands of views since the late 80s! Every year, we’ve seen some of the most insane stories and expeditions into the deep blue showcasing one of the ocean’s biggest predators. Whether you watch because you are a shark lover or you simply are fascinated by the stories, Shark Week is definitely worth celebrating. So we’ve put together a list of really cool Shark Week Must Haves that you will honestly find fin-tastic (yes, we had to do the pun!


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