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Here’s a Florida Woman story from our neck of the woods! A Tampa Bay woman embezzled from a bunch of HOAs and used some of the money to buy Buccaneers tickets!

The Florida Woman in this story, Jamie Fonville, was an account manager for an HOA management company in Palm Harbor. One of her jobs was to issue checks on behalf of 58 different HOAs that the company managed. Well, it seems that Fonville was making fraudulent checks with three HOA’s account information on them and depositing them into her personal bank account. She is accused of embezzling almost $230,000 from those HOAs!

So what did Fonville spend almost a quarter million dollars on? Credit card bills, groceries, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets. Fonville has been charged with three counts of Felony Scheme to Defraud.

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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