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Heroes live here in Tampa Bay. Two Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies saved a 9 year-old child by pulling him out of a burning home.

When the deputies arrived at the house fire in Seffner, the people standing outside the home said that there was still a child in the building. The deputies didn’t hesitate to run towards the flaming building and try and rescue the missing child. They broke a window and directed the child to move toward the window. One of the deputies reached through the window and pulled the boy out. All of this was captured on the deputies body cameras. Check it out:

The young boy was taken to Tampa General Hospital and remains in serious condition with burns and smoke inhalation.

Sheriff Chad Chronister held a press conference about the actions of Deputies Reich and Maldonado:

I could not be more proud of the quick actions and bravery these deputies displayed, never giving up until they were able to pull the child to safety. It is because of their heroism that this young boy made it out alive,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “Law enforcement officers are often the first to respond to any emergency scene, so we must always be ready to jump in and help. These deputies never hesitated. They are true examples of what it means to be a hero.

Saving this child from a burning home, it shows us once again that these deputies are heroes of Tampa Bay!

[SOURCE ABC Action News]

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