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Pretzel lovers rejoice! The Pretzelhaus is now open in Tampa Bay! Who doesn’t love a pretzel-themed restaurant?

Serving pretzel-based appetizers, sandwiches, and desserts, you will get the whole pretzel experience. The Pretzelhaus has over a dozen years of baking the softest and most delicious pretzels in the industry.

Folks on Yelp! have already chimed in and given their seal of approval:

Must try!! They had a larger menu than that posted on yelp. The food was so so good. Would highly recommend this place. We passed it a million times and assumed it was “just” a pretzel place but had no idea they had entrees like they do.Christina M.-Tampa

So excited to have these back in Tampa! I could eat here every day for lunch and dinner!Greg M. Orlando

Looking at the Tampa Pretzelhaus menu, a few things caught our eye. The Garlic Cheesy Pretzel Loaf is just plain delicious decadence. Their Cuban-Stuffed Pretzel Sandwich looks delicious with a nice twist on a Tampa Bay classic. The Apple Pie Pretzel is simply irresistible.

The Pretzelhaus is located at 14351 N Dale Mabry in Carrollwood.

[SOURCE That’s So Tampa/Yelp!]

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