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Something fowl is happening on the roads of Westchase. It seems that a wild turkey is causing traffic troubles in this Tampa Bay neighborhood!

With Thanksgiving in the past, we never thought we would be having turkey troubles! It seems that there’s a turkey hanging out at several Westchase intersections. It’s been seen on Linebaugh Avenue, usually at the crossroads of either Countryway or Race Track Roads. Check out the pics from this video:

There have been reports that the turkey has brought traffic to a standstill with drivers getting out of their cars try try and chase the bird away. FWC has been notified about this Tampa turkey. They have no plans to remove the bird because it appears to be healthy and capable of leaving the area on its own.

FWC does have some suggestions for Westchase residents on how to deal with their newest resident. They shouldn’t attempt to feed the turkey. When they see it in the roadway, drivers shouldn’t exit their cars to help move it but use their horns to give the bird a bit of “encouragement” to leave the area.

We wonder if this turkey will become a fixture of Westchase. Stranger things have happened!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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