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Security cameras catch so many things that we might miss. This Florida bear had it’s head trapped in a plastic bucket for a month.

Residents reported seeing this bear in the plastic predicament last month. FWC was notified and they, along with law enforcement officials and bear contractors, set up traps and monitored the area. A few weeks later the bear was spotted again on a resident’s security camera, its head still stuck in the bucket.

More traps were set and the bear was finally found. It was tranquilized and the plastic bucket was removed from the bear’s head. FWC was amazed that the 250-pound bear was still in good health. They did treat the wound that encircled its neck where the bucket was stuck. Officials believe the container might have been part of an automatic pet feeder. The hole of the bucket seemed to have provided enough access for the bear to drink and eat.

The bear was released after a day of observation in a secure area of the Picayune Strand State Forest. Lets hope this Florida bear doesn’t get it’s head in another plastic bucket…or worse!


Check out the video:

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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