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The trash can gator trapping Florida Man is back! You’ll never guess what kind of creature trouble he is dealing with now!

Does lightning strike twice in the same spot? Usually not but in the case of this Florida Man, his home seems to be a hot spot for creature activity!

When we last encountered Eugene Bozzi he was taking out the trash! That trash being a huge gator he trapped in his recycling container! Well something about his home must be appealing to reptiles because they keep paying Eugene a visit!

This time it wasn’t a gator, it was a snake! Being the fearless Florida Man he is, Eugene dispatched the snake from his house with a broom, a towel, and his hands! Check it out:

Florida man known for catching gator with trash can now wrangling big snake

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA/NBC) - A Florida man who went viral for trapping an unwanted gator in a trash can has posted a new video of him wrangling a neighborhood snake, armed with only a broom, his hands and a towel.

Eugene was also wearing his famous socks and slides! We can’t wait to see what this Florida Man encounters next in the neighborhood!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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