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Surprise them with an after-school snack: Most after-school snacks should be on the healthy side, but for the first day, perhaps some ice cream could be in order. For high school kids, maybe their favorite coffee drink.

A Tampa Bay ice cream shops claims that they have nearly 2 billion flavor combinations. Here’s the scoop on how they came to that conclusion.

Eating ice cream is one of our favorite pastimes. You should see us when we discover a new flavor at the supermarket! So when we heard that Oh Yeah Creamery in Hyde Park said they had almost two billion flavor combinations, we wanted to know how they came up with this number!

It starts with your base flavor (vanilla or chocolate), then comes the mix-ins. The magic is in the mix-ins! Oh Yeah Creamery has 111 different mix-ins. They are added to the base and it’s all combined by a machine that resembles a drill press. What comes out of the machine is your own custom ice cream flavor with a soft-serve consistency.

Hold on, they’re not done yet! You can add toppings to your creation! Talk about customization!

Oh Yeah Creamery did the math and they came up with 1.9 billion variations. We’re guessing that it would take a while to try them all!

This Tampa Bay ice cream shop has taken create-your-own to a whole new level!

[SOURCE Fox 13]

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