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You’ll never guess what Tampa Bay divers found after the Stanley Cup boat parade. Some think that it was a miracle that this item was ever found.

The boat parade celebrating the Tampa Bay Lightning’s second Stanley Cup was a great time for everyone who attended except for one family. While watching our Bolts sail up the Hillsborough River, Joshua and Tiffany Heath’s daughter Luna threw their phone into the water.

Gone into the murky depths of the Hillsborough were three years of pictures that weren’t backed up. Family pics including Joshua’s dad’s funeral.

Tiffany made a call to the city to see if there was anything that could be done to retrieve the phone and the memories contained on it. As luck would have it, the Tampa Police Department was going to be doing a diving training exercise on the Hillsborough River. The challenge to find the phone was accepted. According to Detective Charlie Feldman, once they were at the general location, it took them 10 minutes to find the phone.

Remember that the phone was in the river for about two weeks, Thankfully the memory card where the pics were stored was undamaged and all the photos were recovered!


[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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