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Shaquille O’Neal took action and helped a woman after her tire blew on I-75.

Shaq was on Interstate 75 near Gainesville on Monday, and pulled over to help a woman after she pulled onto the side of the road. I did not know this, but Shaq lives in Orlando.

Check out the cop cam video when Deputies Purington and Dillon arrived to the scene:
Trust me, you cannot miss Shaq with that height of 7 feet.

Alachua County Sheriff on Facebook Watch

You're alright. How you doing we're? In the Made it good. Yeah. Are you? alright? Yeah, I didn't have the blue. I got you out. We'll leave it in your hand. I appreciate it. Thank. Thank you. Thank you. Hey. do you need you need to check out or anything?

[Source: WFLA]

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