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Leaders at the University of South Florida have decided to put a pause on reopening plans.

After hearing about Florida’s Coronavirus numbers spiking, USF does not think it is the right time to move forward with Phase 2 of reopening the campus. I don’t blame them.  In phase 1, 25% of the staff returned to campus with strict protective measures to limit exposures. Phase 2 was going to welcome back 50% of staff to campus. Their original plan was to have Phase 3 initiated by the end of July/early August. For phase 3, 75% of the staff would be back on campus. Now we don’t know when they will be on the reopening track again and if students will even return anytime soon. Right now, they are still in Phase 1 and that means everyone is wearing a mask, social distancing and crews are taking extra cleaning precautions.

You might be wondering, is there a Phase 4?… The answer is YES. It seems like light-years away. That plan would come to life when the CDC lifts the social distancing guidance and herd immunity is achieved or the rate of transmission is stable below 1%. This is what we are all hoping for in the near future.

I know a lot of parents send their kids to college this year and that stress alone is a lot to handle, let alone during a pandemic. At least with high school, the kids get to return home each day, in college a lot of students live within the community and are in the dorms. I am hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel soon…


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