Halloween Tips and Tricks


A local real estate broker is showing off this “normal’ looking house in Brandon, but things are not as they seem…

Levi Stubbs, a United States Air Force veteran and real estate broker, added a little spooky touch to the listing that is gaining some attention.

Ghostface, the character from the Scream movie series, has joined Levi in showing off his ;latest listing, just in time for Halloween. This guy is probably going to sell a lot of houses this year with his creative marketing. I want to sat I’ve seen something similar last year but I enjoy getting some laughs while at work. Anyone need a new house?

Felt like I was being followed while shooting our latest listing video for some reason... ???????????????? #share #newlisting #hauntedhouse #boo (Just listed at $189,900!)

Posted by Green Star Realty, Inc on Sunday, September 22, 2019