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Back in 2004, Wesley Ryan’s wife and high school sweetheart, Lauren Ryan, gave up his car to pay for her hospital bills related to treating ovarian cancer. Thankfully, Lauren is cancer free and their children grew up looking up to their dad and the sacrifice he made not only their mom but for the family. In hopes of finding the car their father gave up the many years ago, they eventually found the same exact Mustang on Craigslist and bought the car.

That’s not even the biggest surprise…

Ford Motor Co. executive chairman heard about the story and decided to give the 1993 white Ford Mustang GT a complete makeover. According to ABC News, the white car got a new 2018 Coyote 5L engine, transmission, suspension, brakes as well as bodywork. Henry Ford III revealed the refurbished car to Wesley at the Ford World Headquarters in Detroit  and the dad of two was at a loss of words…

“We heard about your story and we heard about what a passionate and tight-knit family you guys are and we kind of feel the same way around here at Ford,” said Ford III, manager of Ford corporate strategy at Ford Motor Co. “Wes, I know you made a pretty big sacrifice to take care of your family. … So, this is your car. … We’re so happy to be a part of it and to be able to return it to you with, I think, some improvements that you’ll like.”

“It just goes to show how passionate our customers are about Mustang,” Ford said. “This family is such an inspiration to all of us.”

This father really did an awesome thing for his family and his wife, and deserves this and more for giving up something for the happiness of others.

Watch the video HERE!