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Very Florida photo goes viral, only thing missing is a sub from Publix.

A couple from Tampa, Florida recently took to social media to share their very unique photo with the world. The photo shows family and friends how they plan to get some last-minute practice in before their baby arrives the only way a Floridian can… By attempting to bottle feed a baby alligator naturally. The couple stood in front of a Florida flag cradling a baby gator, beside a six pack of Bud Light and a shotgun.

She posted the photo to Facebook with the caption “Last minute practice for baby.” She ended the caption with “Alligators don’t like to bottle feed, apparently … Didn’t try to breastfeed.”

Lindsey Tuttle tells WFLA that Fred the alligator was not harmed and that they hope he will be an excellent brother figure to baby Tuttle.

The Tuttle family said they wanted touching memory to be had and passed down through the generations and they are due March 6th but wanted to keep the baby’s gender a surprise. According to News Channel 8.

Here is the photo:

Last minute practice for baby. Alligators dont like to bottlefeed, apparently.... Didnt try to breastfeed.Photography by Trisha Bergold ????

Posted by Lindsey Tuttle on Saturday, February 2, 2019

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