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A brave Florida man was honored after he stepped in to help a neighbor in danger.

There was a ceremony in Miami where they recognized Altavious Powell for the good deed.

“I was so honored to make a presentation to a young man who didn’t consider his life first. He considered the life of his neighbor, who was 93 years old, caught in a fire, and he did not hesitate to go in and save her life,” said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Barbara Jordan.

Powell risked his life to help 93-year-old Maria Cabral, who was alone when a fire broke out in her Miami Gardens home caused by a candle.. The flames grew, trapping Cabral inside her home. Scary….

“The only thing on my mind was to get her out of there because I knew she was in there,” said Powell.

Lighting a candle had been part of Cabral’s normal routine but something went wrong. The flames grew into a ferocious fire, trapping Cabral inside her home.

“I’m just thankful that I was there at the time,” said Powell. “Like I tell a lot of people, timing is everything.”

The guy even had a cast on and thought quick to help his neighbor from the home fire.

“In spite of his own injury, he did not hesitate to break the window to go in to save a 93-year-old neighbor that he had grown up knowing all of his life,” said Jordan. “I can’t imagine anything more heroic than that.”

A house that had been a home to Cabral for decades was destroyed, but Powell’s bravery helped save the life of a neighbor he loves. 

What a great guy! We need more people like this in this world.

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