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You need to keep your eye on your pets this time of year…The toads are all over the Tampa Bay Area with the rain we’ve had.

Found this story on Tampa Bay Times and it worries me every year.

These Bufo frogs/toads are back with all this rain we have been getting…and you need to keep your pets away.

The Fish and Wild Life Commission have released the numbers which are concerning…

They are seeing about 2 dogs a day coming into vets who have been exposed to Bufo toads this time of year.

The Bufo toad can kill your dog.  Your dog will start to seizing within the 20 seconds of contact.

The toad secretes a toxin when it feels threatened, and if that toxin is ingested by your dog, it can be deadly in as little as 15 minutes.

Seizures are usually the first things that people notice, but you might notice some extra salivation beforehand. If you look at their gums and pick up their gums and look at their gums and see that they’re bright red, that’s also one of the signs. but usually, they’ll start drooling. That is one of the first signs, maybe even before they start having seizures.

One way to keep your pet safe is to keep them away from bushes and the edge of creeks or ponds.  Check your yard before letting your pet out….and make sure you are watching your dog when its outside.

If your dog does come in contact with a toad, you should immediately rinse its mouth out and get it to the vet.

'Take it seriously,' Tampa woman says after bufo toad poisons her dog

TAMPA - Cece Silva was in the backyard of her Forest Hills home with her healthy 9-year-old Chihuahua. By the time she walked inside and sat down at the dining room table, Bella was gone. "My grandson came running in and said, 'Bella's dead,'" Silva said. "It happened so fast, almost instant."


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