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She used to walk to the beach, but as she’s gotten older, she now enjoys a ride!

This story is about a dog from England.

There is a golden retriever named Reema and she has enjoyed spending her days walking to the beach.

But as Reema has gotten older, her back has gotten weaker, making it impossible for her to make the long walk. It was an even bigger problem because Reema’s owner, Suzanne, doesn’t own a car.

So a cab driver named Paul Brown has stepped up and committed his time to giving her free rides when he heard about the story of her love for the beach.

So now, Paul and Reema, along with Suzanne, make weekly trips to the beach, free of charge.

Paul explained that he “didn’t think twice” about offering his services to help Reema — and is excited to reward this good dog with fun times in her older years.

Beach-loving dog too sick to walk is driven to the seaside by kind cab driver

A poorly pooch who loves the sea but has been too ill to walk there has felt the sand under her paws once again - thanks to a kindhearted cab driver offering lifts. Veteran golden retriever Reema could only exercise in the woods in recent months due to a back problem that prevents her from walking a long way.

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