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Hey, I’m Launa! Born and raised Minnesota nice. Grew up in Prior Lake, MN, went to college at UW-Madison, WI and after that I decided I had enough of the cold and snow and wanted to live on the beach. I’ve been doing radio in Tampa for a long time… I started out ‘rockin’ the bay on 98Rock for many years, then moved to Georgia, back to Tampa, then to Orlando, then back to Tampa… and now I have found my way to the one and only 99.5 WQYK! I’m so excited to be working here on this heritage station.

I am a huge fan of country music! I’m the girl that downloads every CD and listens from beginning to end, learning every song and understanding what each song means. You can find me front and center in the pit at the concerts dancing and enjoying live music with my friends. It’s a great way to release stress… plus its just fun! When I’m not at work, I’m spending time with my dog Louie (black lab),  paddle boarding, out on the boat, at the beach or hanging out with my friends.

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