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Now, this is funny.

This story came out Sunday when the two storms were heavy in the news, Marco turned out not to be as big of a storm as they predicted, but I still thought this was funny.  I didn’t see it until now.

There’s now a petition to get Tropical Storm Laura’s name changed to Polo, likely because the storm wasn’t alone down in the Gulf– it’s accompanied by Tropical Storm-turned-Hurricane Marco.

The petition notes it was started to “unite Marco and Polo once and for all.”

I just checked, and it was at 6,800 signatures with a goal of 7,500.

I mean, come ‘on, how funny would it have been if the meteorologists were on the air going Marco….Polo…we all would have laughed.

Click HERE to sign it. petition created to change T.S. Laura's name to 'Polo' to create 'Marco Polo'

Marco! Polo? A petition was created to change Tropical Storm Laura's name to "Polo." The change would "unite Marco and Polo once and for all," according to the petition's official page. Laura and Marco are both churning toward Louisiana. Both are expected to make landfall there within days of each other.


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