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Well…what are the chances of this?

Harry Harvey was reported missing on Sunday, after he was separated from his walking partner in Yorkshire Dales, England.

He was gone for three nights and four days and of course, his family was very worried.

They had a search and rescue team out looking for him, but no one could find him.

So they had a press conference at the Tan Hill Inn and as the press conference was happening….guess who came walking out of the woods.

There were over 100 people looking for him.

He said he was having a good time alone, but was getting hungry and running out of food.

He was healthy and fine after being lost for 4 days.

Check out the video in the story!

80-year-old hiker missing for 3 nights shows up at a press event for his own disappearance

After three nights and four days lost in the wilderness, an 80-year-old hiker was reunited with his family - at a press conference originally planned as a continued effort to try and find him. Harry Harvey was reported missing on Sunday, after he was separated from his walking partner in Yorkshire Dales, located in northeast England.

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