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I love this story about a toothless Chihuahua named Kismet.

Dr. Cameron Garrett, a dentist, and his wife, Debra Garrett, a dental hygienist, adopted 13-year-old Kismet last month — and put Kismet to work immediately as a dental therapy dog at their Northern California office.

It didn’t take long for Kismet to make friends and help patients in a big way.

Almost all of the patients ask to have Kismet on their laps — and kids especially enjoy petting Kismet during procedures.

And while Kismet is providing support to patients, she’s also getting comfort, which you can see as Kismet grins back at everyone she meets.

Toothless senior dog comforts people who hate going to the dentist

Get the latest from TODAY / Source: TODAY A toothless Chihuahua named Kismet is giving dental patients something to smile about. Each day, the diminutive dog heads to Corte Madera Family Dentistry in the Bay Area of California with her owners, Dr. Cameron Garrett and his wife, Debra Garrett.

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