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You’re cooking breakfast….making eggs and bacon and all of a sudden a python falls through your ceiling…..and right after, another one comes crashing through.

I would lose it.   Like I would run out of the kitchen…and probably not come back in.  Ever.

That’s what happened to an Australian man named David Tait on Monday.  He says two 9-foot pythons caused the ceiling to collapse while fighting over a female.

By the time Tait discovered the ceiling collapse, the snakes – weighing a combined 100 pounds – had slithered off to other parts of the house.  A snake-catcher was brought in to capture the pythons and return them to the wild.

So….did anyone check the attic?

I would not be able to sleep in that house.

I hate snakes.

2 pythons weighing 100 pounds collapse Australian ceiling

An Australian returned home and was surprised to discover that his kitchen ceiling had collapsed under the weight of two large pythons apparently fighting over a mate. David Tait entered his home in Laceys Creek in Queensland state on Monday and found a large chunk of his ceiling lying on his kitchen table.

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