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Because most major delivery companies won’t deliver to rural areas, postal workers carry their packages for what they call “the last mile”.

I love this story about Michael – guess we don’t really think about the delivery part anymore….we buy so much stuff online all the time, ..someone has to get it to us somehow – and when you live out in rural areas…those people have to drive far an and longer to get it to you.

I saw this story on USAToday.

Michael Miller (now 56) has delivered mail on the same rural route in southern Ohio for 30 years.

It’s 51 miles of country roads, gravel driveways and one-lane cow paths. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and it’s always loud as he rumbles around in his mail truck, a hand-me-down from a retired city fleet that he got five years ago.

Mail carriers in many ways are a lifeline for rural residents.

Miller said, most of his elderly customers are still dependent on the Postal Service. More than 1 in 5 older Americans live in rural areas, according to the Census Bureau.

Some days, Miller delivers as many as 30 packages of life-saving medication, everything from blood-pressure pills to cholesterol medicine. If mail delivery is reduced, Miller fears what might happen to one of his customers should a prescription runs out.

You can read more about the Post Office and Miller HERE

Great story about this guy, I’m sure there are many more in other cities too!

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