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Going back to college is going to be different this year, as new rules are set for students.

U.S. colleges are requiring promises from students to help contain the Coronavirus — no keg parties, no long road trips and no outside guests on campus.

Administrators warn that failure to wear masks, practice social distancing and avoid mass gatherings could bring serious consequences, including getting booted from school.

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The majority of schools around the country are mandating these same rules.

Tulane students have already received a stark warning from the school in New Orleans, an early pandemic hot spot. After a summer weekend of large gatherings, Dean of Students Erica Woodley wrote to students, stressing her key point in bold, capital letters:

“DO NOT HOST PARTIES OR GATHERINGS WITH MORE THAN 15 PEOPLE, INCLUDING THE HOST. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL FACE SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION FROM THE UNIVERSITY,” Woodley wrote, signing off with, “Do you really want to be the reason that Tulane and New Orleans have to shut down again?”

Do you really think college students will abide by this?

From what I’ve seen in the news, the younger 20 somethings are the ones going out to the bars and not abiding by the new rules, so it will be interesting to see how they do.

They are asking students to sign the pledge.


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