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You are going to love how this story ends…

With only $7 to her name and bills past due, Shetara Sims, a single mother who lost her job a month ago due to the coronavirus pandemic, found a $1 bill in a grocery store parking lot and bought a scratch-off ticket, and won $100!!!  Awesome right?  Well, hold on…

Her  daughter, Rakiya Edmonson, (who is 12)  suggested they donate the money to a Kansas City, Missouri, police officer who was shot in the line of duty on July 2.  The officer has remained in intensive care.

Despite her financial struggles, she agreed.

Shetara had lost her daughter a few years back and the detectives were really there for her, they did things they didn’t have to do when it came to the kids.   She said she had never seen empathy like that from strangers.

So she called the department and made a $100 donation.

So…now check this out…when Sims made the donation, she didn’t leave her name or number.  After police tracked her down….. and  they created a GoFundMe account for her family and now it’s raised more then $8,000.


Helping the Woman with a Heart of Gold organized by Kansas City Police Department

A woman called the Kansas City Missouri Police Department July 10. She wanted to help the officer who was shot July 2 and remains in the ICU. We (the KCPD) advised he's well cared for, but if she wanted to donate for restaurant or gas station gift cards for his family so they can eat at and travel to/from the hospital, we were accepting those at East Patrol Division.