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This is the last person I thought would be using a flip phone still.

You’d think billionaire investor Warren Buffet would have every high-end gadget on the market at his fingertips, but it’s 2020 … and he just got an iPhone.

Yep, one of the richest people in the world has been using a flip phone all this time.

I guess he’s been gifted countless iPhones over the years, and even had an offer from Apple’s CEO to fly him to Omaha to set one up for him. He just didn’t want one.

Well, he has finally made the switch and is now the owner of an iPhone 11.

Still, he admits he only uses his phone for making calls and nothing else.

My dad still has a flip phone….it’s really hard to find an upgrade for him, there aren’t very many left.

I found this story at Newser