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I just cleaned out a bunch of make up and had no idea if it was good or bad, so I just tossed it.

I wish I would have read this article before I just tossed out a bunch of make up.   I probably threw away $100 or more of good make up a few weeks ago.

I was so bummed to do it, but I know after awhile make up gets old and you shouldn’t use it, so I tossed it.

Then….. I found this story on and now I’m mad.  Ugh.

So, yes, make up does goes bad, but it sounds like you can salvage it.    I didn’t know this until now…. There is actually a “PAO” symbol on some makeup containers that looks like an open jar with a number on it and the letter “M” that tells you how many months it could be used after it’s opened.

It’s recommended that you mark the makeup with the expiration date or the date of opening and using an applicator to get the makeup out instead of your fingers to avoid bacteria.

You can sanitize your powers and blushes by using a sanitizing spray. Simply use a tissue to wipe the surface then sanitize with spray. If a film develops on the surface simply use a mascara brush to scrape the surface, wipe with a tissue and spray with sanitizer. Powders can last after five years using this method.   Wait…5 years?

Water-based or cream products can’t be cleaned but you should check for a bad odor or discoloration. Lipsticks, which also have a PAO date, can be cleaned by dipping them rubbing alcohol and wiping them with a tissue

Wish is would have known this before I threw all that away.