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Yes!  I am in!  Where do I sign??

Super Bowl at 6:30pm on a Sunday needs to change.

Why didn’t they have it this past weekend? – Then we could have had Monday off for MLK day!

I can never really enjoy myself for Super Bowl Sunday because I have to be up so early for work.  So I never do anything fun for it.

Well…here we go again.  I found this story HERE.    A man has started a petition on to have the Super Bowl moved from Sunday to Saturday.   So far 2,500 people have signed in favor of the move.   He believes that if the Super Bowl were to move to Saturday, it would get more money and attract more visitors to the game.   He also believes the NFL will get more TV viewership because most government jobs will have Saturday off and more kids will be interested as well as they wouldn’t have to get up for school the next day.

His goal is to get 5,000 signatures….however, I bet he can get more.

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