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I love reading stories like this.

The fires in Australia are awful…if you’ve seen the news, you’ve seen how many animals have lost their lives in this massive fire.

I saw this on and wanted to share it with you.

Dogs are being employed to rescue koalas during the fires and it looks like this is a big job that will last a few months.

TATE Animal Training Enterprises specializes in detector dog services in Sydney, and its team of pups has saved dozens of koalas, owner Ryan Tate told ABC News.

One dog, 4-year-old Taylor, has rescued eight koalas since September.

These dogs can either smell their fur or their poop to seek out the koalas and they are finding them in these horrible conditions.

Koalas are vital to Australian wildlife, but are right now on their way to becoming extinct.   If more dogs were trained to detect the animals thousands more could be saved.

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Bear, koala detection dog, reporting for duty! #alwaysready #beardetectiondog #koala #surveys #wheresmyball

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