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Duke Energy is raising the rates for Florida customers.

Saw this story on this morning….it seems like every year, the rates go up.

The rate for a thousand kilowatts of power for Duke Energy was about $128 ($128.68) in December. This month it went down by about $4 to about $124 ($123.99)……But that is all changing in March….. it’ll go up to $129 ($129.32).

Duke said it’s to recover losses from Hurricane Dorian.

Ana Gibbs, who is a spokesperson for Duke said the company spent about $170 million to prepare for the storm.

Around $675 million in tax savings from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act helped pay for hurricanes Irma and Michael, leaving Duke with no hurricane fund for Dorian preparations.

You can read more about this HERE and start saving….the summer months are going to be here soon!