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Would you be willing to be deliberately infected with the flu virus…for $3,310?

Three grand is a lot of money…but man, I hate being sick!  There is nothing worse.

If I was in college, I probably would totally do this.  I did a bunch of those “experiments” to make money back then.

St. Louis University’s Center for Vaccine Development is conducting an influenza study to better understand what happens when a person is infected with the flu and how the body controls the infection.

They are looking for 80 healthy people who are 18-49 years old.

Each person will receive a nasal spray containing a strain of seasonal influenza.

Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers are not allowed to participate. Habitual smokers of any kind are also excluded. Participants are not allowed to use drugs or alcohol during the trial… before you sign up…you might have to be alcohol free for a few months.

You will need to remain at least seven days in one of the four clinics participating in the trial, then be monitored for about three months after leaving the clinic.  One in Baltimore, North Carolina and St. Louis.

You will be paid $75 for each required clinic visit (four), $300 for each inpatient visit (10) and $10 for each phone call (one). Total is $3,310 for completing all planned study visits.

To discuss participating, you can contact a nurse at:

Refer to study IRB # 30552.

Christmas is in 51 days…fyi.