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They are transforming a few locations in the area into trick-or-treat stops that will be contact-free. It all starts October 15th and runs through Halloween. Check their website for details.

Oh boy… Did you see what Walmart is now offering here in Florida?

Is this really a good idea?  In Florida of all places with all the nutbags we have here already.

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Now Walmart will offer curbside pick up or they will deliver beer and wine right to your doorstep.

It will be offered at 2,000 stores in 29 states.

Just order your groceries and adult beverages on Walmart’s website or through its app and you can either pick it up, or someone will bring your items right to your house.  They will check their ID to make sure they can legally by the alcohol when they get to your house, but the delivery is only for at 200 stores in Florida and California.

I like the idea because I’ve been at home drinking with friends and ya run out sometimes…but ya know you shouldn’t drive….so it will be good for that kind of stuff.

When I checked out the site….they posted this:

  • Associates will not deliver to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.
  • No discounts, coupons or tax-exempt sales may be applied to alcohol.
  • An order of alcohol totaling 20 gallons or more will not be allowed.


I know Amazon already does this service too.