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There are too many distracted drivers in the state of Florida…

Lawmakers are making our roads safer by making it illegal to do pretty much anything, but drive.

We’ve all seen people driving while texting, checking email, Facebook, etc, all which you shouldn’t be!  We are all guilty of it.    Have you ever seen someone applying make up?  How about petting their dog?  Well, new laws in Florida could make it illegal to do just that.

Tampa Bay area lawmakers Rep. Jackie Toledo, R-Tampa, and Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Spring Hill, are sponsoring legislation to bring stricter laws to Florida for safer roads.

The best way to keep drivers and pedestrians safe, they say, is to eliminate distractions behind the wheel and put the focus back on driving.

I agree 100%!

While the original House Bill would have made holding a cellphone while driving a primary offense, the amended bill,  makes many other things illegal if done behind the wheel, including:  Reading, Writing, Personal grooming, putting on makeup, interacting with pets or unsecured cargo.

Ok… what about all the parents who have to check on their kids?  or pick up a bottle that dropped or their snack or iPod that fell?  Is this going to far?

This gives law enforcement license to pull anyone over at any time for anything….and many are saying really isn’t right.

The bills, if passed, would give Florida some of the toughest laws against distracted driving in the nation.

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