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Happy couples have a lot in common… check the list to see if you can check everything off

Since Valentines Day is coming up…Its a good time to take a look at your relationships and ask yourself…are you really happy?  Is he or she the one?

I saw a funny quote the other day and it said…  Have them sit down at a computer with super slow internet and see how they REALLY are before committing to them!  lol

They say there is a formula for a happy relationship? According to a new survey, happy couples have these things in common:

  • a healthy sex life
  • an equal balance of economic power
  • have two kids
  • each earn at least $75,000 a year
  • have a college degree
  • have similar political beliefs

Now, if you need help improving your relationship and be a happier couple . . .try this:

1.  Happy couples have five positive interactions for every ONE negative interaction.  Couples who wind up divorced have 0.8 positive interactions for every negative one.   Positive interactions are things like giving a compliment . . . showing your appreciation . . . reminiscing about a good memory or reliving it . . . and just doing something nice for the other person.

2.  The one thing you need to remember is reacting well to the other person’s “good news”  When they have good news, you need to be enthusiastic, ask questions, congratulate them, and relive the experience with them.

3.  The happiest couples have sex two to three times a week.

4.  When you get into an argument, the key to staying happy is to both concede on certain points and see the other person’s point of view. No need to win the argument or keep score on who’s right and who’s wrong.


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