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I need this ASAP!!!  No, like I need it before New Years Eve!

Uh… this is like the best idea ever!  My dog is so afraid of fireworks, I can’t ever celebrate 4th of July or New Years Eve!

I start looking for ways to create background noise that will cancel out the big bangs.  I’ve tried the Thunder shirt, the special dog calming music, I’ve tried CBD oil, everything.  Nothing works for Louie.

But check this out!!! Ford just came ups with Noise-Canceling Kennel for Dogs!

The kennel is made of high-density cork, uses the same technology that engineers and designers built into Ford’s Edge SUV to keep engine noise out of the car’s cabin.

“When microphones pick up high levels of noise from the engine or transmission, this is counteracted using opposing sound waves from the car’s audio system” is what their blog reads

It looks really nice inside too for the pups.   I’m buying one!

Click HERE for more info

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