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Christmas shopping is officially over…. Yeah…. but now the fun kicks in!  After-Christmas sales and clearances!!!!

But… what should we be shopping for right now with all the spare time on our hands?

Fortune says now is the time to pick up toys and games. If you have any kids with birthdays coming up soon, you could to save some cash.

Winter clothing will start getting discounted. Most stores want to start putting out their collections for spring soon. That means you can get a good deal on a puffy jackets, warm gloves or other cold weather gear.

The best deals right now are on holiday decorations. Just store them for next year. Candles and box-sets are popular holiday gifts that you should be able to find decent price cuts for.

Lots of us are cleaning and organizing before the new year…bedding and towel sales to hit sometime in January.

Right now… there are a TON of sales.  Click HERE to find out what is happening at your favorite place to shop.  Lots of place are offering 40-75% off right now!  Now is the time to shop!

If you are heading out today…. be prepared…there’s A LOT of people shopping.