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Some people are saying this is an amazing gesture, others are saying he is incensitive.  What do you think?

A guy named Dennis Brown proposed to his girlfriend,  Atara Dallas last week in Miami….he’s some kind of a designer, so he went all out . . . we’re talking rose petals on the floor, he had a giant poster made of a poem he wrote for her AND he bought her SIX different rings, so she could pick the one she wanted.

Lots of people weighing in on this saying he’s indecisive and he doesn’t know her that well and red flags, etc…

Me?  I think its great!  I love the idea that she gets to pick out the ring SHE wants, because SHE is going to be wearing it for the rest of her life…not him.   I did not like my engagement ring.  I ended up getting a completely different set and stone when I got married.  Something more my style and something that I could wear.  Lots of couple go out and “pick out” a ring together, and others don’t.  I think if you have the chance to get an idea of your woman would like, you find out.

This guy gets my vote for being amazing.   Remember the movie Sweet Home Alabama?  Andrew did the same thing… and we all went AWWWWWWWW!