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Epic Honeymoon story!

Ya ever done anything like this because you drank too much?

British newlyweds may have the most epic honeymoon story ever after they bought a hotel while honeymooning in Sri Lanka.    This is great.. the couple went to the hotel and checked in, had drinks at the bar, struck up great conversation, bought a bottle of rum and drank into the night with one of the bartenders.

While drinking and becoming more intoxicated…the bartender told them that the owner’s lease was about to be up, and then the couple decided to take over the bar at the cost of $39,500.  The bride said:  “We thought it would be a great idea to buy it because we were so drunk,”

So… they put down an extra $17,000 for legal fees and to fix up the place, the couple now owns a seven bedroom hotel called, Lucky Beach. You can see and experience it for yourself for $18 a night.

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