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I had to take some detours last night when I took my dog Louie for a walk… my streets were flooded and it wasn’t even raining yet!

Last night I took Louie on a walk and we had to walk through yards because the sidewalks disappeared as I kept walking…. My neighborhood was flooded.

I live in Shore Acres in St. Pete and between Hurricane Michael and the high tide…it got a little tricky at times.. Louie and I were running through puddles all the way home.  I love living in St. Pete and I will never move, even if the roads get wet now and then.  That’s why you own a JEEP!   It’s funny, how many homes in Shore Acres also have Jeep owners.   I’ve been very lucky that it doesn’t flood on my street, but my neighbors aren’t as lucky as me.  The water was gone this am when I left, but during these high tide times, it gets a little wet… but its not that bad.

Looks like the high tide in St. Pete is around 4pm today… so I need to get my dog out before then…I think it will be worse.

I’m sure you all see lots of flooding in your neighborhoods as well.  Just respect your neighbors and their  yards when flying down the streets.

Check out these pictures: